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It is my intention to have a recurring series where I review and recommend cookbooks since it is a hobby of mine.  I have already recommended Authentic Mexican, and if you would like to read that review, you can check it out here.

Today, I thought I would cover a fantastic baking book.  This one is by Nick Malgieri.  All of his books are fantastic, but I chose this one to review because it is one that I turn to again and again.  It is not a huge book, but at 224 pages, it still has a lot of bang for your buck.  

What I love about Nick Malgieri is that he teaches the techniques necessary for each of his recipes and guides you through every step.  Although he gives detailed instructions on traditional methods, he also offers alternative methods using modern tools.  (This is not one of those cookbooks that has you pound everything in a mortar and pestle because it just “doesn’t taste the same” if you do it in a food processor).

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Every recipe that I have made out of this cookbook has turned out fantastic.  The recipe for conchas turn out just like the ones I buy at the panaderia!  Conchas are the sweet bread in the bottom left corner of the picture above.

Tomorrow I will be sharing an Easter treat that I made using Mr. Malgieri’s recipe for homemade puff pastry.  It turns out amazing every time and is a simplified version that still delivers great results!


bake! does have  savory recipes as well as sweet ones, although I gravitate to the sweets!  There are lots of step-by-step pictures which are great if you like a visual.

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There is a ton of information packed into this book, but it is organized in such a way that it is still easy to follow.   If you are unsure about a cookbook, a great idea is to check it out from your local library.  This will give you a chance to try out some recipes and read through it before you commit to purchasing it.  You will be amazed at how many cookbooks your library has.

Come back tomorrow for a sophisticated individual dessert perfect for Easter!


2 Thoughts on “Cookbook Review: bake! by Nick Malgieri

  1. Nice that the book has good pictures, but .did you test any of the recipes? I read cookbook reviews to find out how good the recipes are, how complicated, how well-explained, etc.

    • Rachel on May 22, 2020 at 8:51 pm said:

      You make very good points – I should have gone into more detail in my review – but yes, the recipes are well-explained and thorough. He teaches the traditional way of doing things, but also offers shortcuts using modern conveniences (such as a food processor). I have made many of his recipes and they always turn out perfect. I hope this helps!

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