Organize your markers with Craft Foam and hot glue!

Well,  I did it again!  I inadvertently took the entire month of December off!

It is always such a crazy time of year, and the blog definitely gets pushed to the back burner!

Anyway, all of the craziness/excesses of the Christmas season leaves me itching to organize, clean up, and put away everything!  So what better time to show you another craft room organization idea?

I got this idea from Pinterest and it was a huge win!  Such a cheap and easy way to organize specialty markers.

Organize your markers with Craft Foam and hot glue!

Did you know that markers should be stored horizontally?  I only learned that recently!

I am such a big believer in using what you already have.  This “furniture” is an old CD/DVD shelf.  I measured the height of one of the shelves and made my marker organizer fit it exactly.

Organize your markers with Craft Foam and hot glue!

I definitely did not do a precision job of this, but the beauty of using foam core is that precision is not necessary!  Cut your foam core to the desired size, and simply hot glue together.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!
Organize your markers with Craft Foam and hot glue!
A few tips:

  1.  When measuring the size you want to fill, do not forget to factor in the width of the foam core.  For example, if you have a 12 inch shelf, you will not be able to fit 6 2-inch cubbies!   You must take into account that the foam core is 1/4 inch thick.
  2. My shelves took two standard size foam core boards. (which I got on sale for 99 cents each).
  3. Remember that you will want to put something on the back to keep the markers from falling out!.  If you have enough foam core, you could use that for the back, but I didn’t, so I used a piece of poster board.
  4. Before you glue everything together, test it out to make sure that you like how your markers fit.  Sometimes making the cubby just a little bit bigger or smaller will make everything fit that much better.
  5. Have fun with this!  This is a cheap project, so if you mess up the first time, you are only out a couple of bucks!


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