titleFirst off, may I just say that it is so hard to take pictures for a blog?  This time I’m not talking about the quality thing (although that is a challenge for those of us using a 10 year old cheap digital camera!), but I am talking about getting your house to look decent enough for a photo!

Every time I take photographs for the blog, it is a huge ordeal of “where can I put this item that will look nice and where my house is not a mess?”  The “not a mess” part really limits where I can take the picture!!

So, here I am trying to take a picture of my bedroom curtains.  But… my bed is covered in laundry to be folded.  The hamper is in the way of the picture, my nightstand is covered in books, lotions, hair bands, etc..

So, I have to push the clothes to the side, give the appearance that my bed is made (which I didn’t do a very good job of, since the cover is wrinkled in the pictures), slide the hamper out of the way, make sure I don’t get the nightstand in the picture, and so on.  Anyway, you get the idea!!!

So, with that said, on to today’s post!


There are a couple of different phillosphies out there on home decorating.  One that you hear a lot is to buy a few really long lasting, quality pieces.   So far, I haven’t figured out which “long lasting” pieces are worth it.  I mean, if you have kids, it is certainly not the couch (or chair, or anything with stainable fabrics).  I spent a lot of money at Pottery Barn on our kitchen table and dining room table.  I love the look of them both, but the finish hasn’t stood up and the mechanism for opening the table to add in leaves doesn’t work well.  The furniture that I got cheap in college has held up just as well as my more expensive pieces (or held up just as poorly, depending on your perspective!)

So where am I going with all of this?  That my personal philosophy is to not spend that much money on anything for my house.  Either I will get tired of it after a few years and want to replace it anyway, or it will be ruined just as fast whether I spent a fortune or not.  So, I choose to not spend a fortune!

These IKEA curtains are from their line a few years back, but the concept still works.  Buy inexpensive curtains with black and white drawings and color in a few of the shapes with the color of your choosing.


I used green because that is the color I wanted, but the beauty of this plan is that you can choose any color you want!

I used fabric paint (mixed to get the right shade), but since I have painted these, I have stopped worrying about using “fabric” paint and I just use any old paint.  I mean, it’s not like other paint washes out of your clothes, right?

both curtains

Hopefully this will inspire you if in case you just can’t find exactly the right thing at the right price!  Just do it yourself and save a bundle!



6 Thoughts on “Customizing IKEA Curtains

  1. Johanna on June 24, 2015 at 3:13 pm said:

    I’ve been disappointed in the quality of everything I’ve every bought at Pottery Barn, except for a rug. The furniture construction and finishes never reflect the price! Winnie, my artist, would love your curtain idea for her room. I just happen to have some black and white print IKEA panels stored away.

  2. Rachel on June 24, 2015 at 5:38 pm said:


    After spending WAY too much money on those tables, I have never bought anything else from Pottery Barn.

  3. Sandy on June 24, 2015 at 7:16 pm said:

    Yay!! Love this idea!

  4. Holly on June 24, 2015 at 9:08 pm said:

    Rachel, you’re a genius! I never would have thought of adding paint to printed curtains. I love how they look.

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