This past week my husband’s office had a potluck Thanksgiving lunch.  The main dishes were catered, but the employees could sign up to bring sides and desserts.   Since I love making decorated sugar cookies, I suggested that he bring cookies to the party.

As I was preparing to ice the cookies and was getting out bags to pipe and then flood my cookies (which is the method I usually use),  I remembered this idea that I had pinned on Pinterest:



Dipping the cookies seemed like a MUCH easier way to get these done.  I tried it out first with the yellow leaf, and I was so pleased with the results, that I ended up changing my intended designs for the other shapes so that I could dip them as well.

cookies and box

Since I do like to add at least one detail to my cookies for interest, I used details that could be added after the cookie was completely dipped.

I basically followed the directions on the above post except I didn’t bother with the scraping rod.  I just used the side of the bowl and it worked fine.

I think this may be my new go-to way to ice cookies!

I made a few extra to give away.  As a cute way to package them up for giving, I placed a doily in the bottom of a small box and tied them up.

in box
Generally speaking, I prefer to buy packaging that is either Kraft-colored or red.  Kraft can be made to fit any season, and red works for several major holidays (Valentine’s Day, 4th of July, Christmas).  box

I highly recommend this technique, and many thanks to www.createdby-diane.com for the idea!!!

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