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After all the excesses of Halloween through New Year’s, I have to say, it feels really good to have the house look more “sparse.”  It seems to mirror my feelings of wanting to get everything cleaned up, organized, put away, and get back to my beloved routine!

As much as I breathe a sigh of relief to have everything put away, my house was looking a little too sparse.  I decorate for Valentine’s day, but it seemed a little early to decorate for that right after Christmas, so I did some digging to see what ideas could be had for decorating in winter.

I settled on a really simple theme of pinecones (free!) and birch wood decorations (practically free!)


I have attached two images that you can print out:  Birch-Bark    Birch-Tree-2

I wrapped three sizes to get these “logs.”  The tallest are pringles cans.  The medium size one is a coke can, but the paper goes beyond the end of the can.  The last is the cardboard ring from some ribbon I used up.  A tuna can or something short would also work really well.


I cut a piece of brown paper and attached it to the top and that’s it!

The birch images printed out a little bit bluish.  If that happens for you and you don’t like it, I am sure you could tweak the color tone of the picture before you print it.  I didn’t mind, so I kept it as is.


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