These envelopes are just so pretty!  I haven’t figured out what to put in them, but that hasn’t stopped me from making them!!

Traditionally button and string envelopes use eyelets to hold the string in place, but I have a much simpler way to do it that doesn’t require any special tools.


First, you need to choose a 12×12 piece of cardstock.  Make sure that the design you pick will look good on the finished size (approximately 6  x 8  inches)


Score it at 5 3/4 inches and 11 1/2 inches.

first score lines

Rotate the paper and score it at 3/4″.

rotate and score

Trim out two bottom sections like you see in the picture below.

cut notches

Next, you can decide what height you want your envelope to be.  I like the proportions of around 6×8, so I measured from the 3/4″ score line up to 8 1/2″ and made my score line there.

measure height

Trim out the square to match the picture below.

cut flap

Apply strong double sided tape to the side and bottom flaps and close up the envelope, being careful to match all of the edges as perfectly as possible.

tape closed

Now you have the envelope portion, but the flap is not so attractive.  So to fix that….


I just eyeball trimming off a corner.  Then I use the piece that I trimmed to make a matching cut on the other side of the flap.  Then I trimmed the sharp corners into a more rounded shape free hand.

trim flaptrim other side

round corners

Now it is time for the button and string part.  Mark where you want the hole to be for the brad, and then punch a hole.  Thread your string through the hole, leaving most of the length on top of the flap.

feed string

Put the brad through the hole, wrapping the string around the brad and pressing the brad tabs down to lock in the string.  Trim the string.

wrap string on brad

Press the other brad into the envelope where you want it to be.

second brad

In this nautical envelope below, the brads were the traditional office supply store type, so I added a paper circle under the brad.  This particular paper was two-sided, so I used the scraps to cut out the circles so that it coordinated.


inside nautical

Now just to figure out what I want to put in them!!    




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