DIY Fruit Fly Trap.

It is almost a given that if I start a thought with “Wow, lately (fill in the blank) hasn’t happened,” it is pretty much guaranteed to happen in the next day or two!

Just last week I realized that I hadn’t had any fruit fly infestations this summer, and then *POOF*, a few days later they appeared!

Fruit flies don’t bother me as much as they used to because now I can get rid of them in a day or two with minimal effort.

To make your own fruit fly trap, there are a few things to do to get the best results:

  1. Choose a bait that the fruit flies like.  What have they been swarming around?  I took the pit of this [delicious] nectarine and some of the bad spots that I cut off and used that as my bait.DIY Fruit Fly Trap.
  2. Choose a container that will give you a lot of surface area on the top and be shallow enough that the fruit is not too far away from the top.  For example, a cereal bowl is a great choice, whereas a mason jar is not as good because it is taller than the opening is wide.DIY Fruit Fly Trap.
  3. Stretch your cling wrap VERY tight.  I pushed my finger down on the cling wrap so you could see that it was there since it is tricky to photograph.  Poke ~4-5 holes with a sharp knife in a grouping near the center.   Your cling wrap should be tight enough that when you poke the holes, it sounds a little like popping a balloon.DIY Fruit Fly Trap. DIY Fruit Fly Trap.
  4. Fruit flies like to congregate on the edges of things and they also like to be on the highest edge of things.  For example, if I were to put this fruit fly trap right next to the oranges, the edges of the larger white container are higher than the trap, and so the fruit flies would gravitate toward the higher white walls and not the edges of my trap.  By putting my trap on tall plastic container to raise it above the white edges, the flies will be even more inclined to visit my trap!DIY Fruit Fly Trap.
  5. To kill the fruit flies after you have trapped them, take another piece of cling wrap and put it over the top to close up the holes you created.  Then microwave it for 2 minutes to kill them.

It is a little gross, but also super satisfying, to wake up in the morning and find dozens of fruit flies caught in your trap!


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