I have yet another Halloween post today!  I don’t normally do so much for Halloween – I promise!!

It is more my style to pin a ton of fantastic ideas with the intention of creating some cool Halloween-themed meal, but when it actually comes to Halloween, I am just struggling to get the kids in their costumes and to stop asking me “is it time to go trick-or-treating yet?”    

However, this year, I have had several events that required a Halloween treat, so I have had a lot of fun coming up with ideas.
sample jackolantern

How fun is this idea for DIY Jack-O-Lantern cookies?  I came up with it when I was perusing my Halloween idea folder and saw DIY magnetic jack-o-lanterns for the refrigerator.

printed sheets

Print out the faces sheet on cardstock paper (click this link to download file: DIY Jack o Lantern Faces)

cut sheets in half

Cut each cardstock sheet in half and then cut wax paper to fit over the face parts.

cut wax paper

I love these wax paper sheets that you get at Costco (they have them at Sam’s, too).  They are the “dry wax” kind and they are precut and folded in half.  I put the fold over the cardstock paper like so:

wax paper folded over

Using melted chocolates, trace the face shapes onto the wax paper.  I know I just said in my Halloween Shortbread Cookie post that I love Ghirardelli melting chocolates best, but in this case, Wilton works better.  The Ghirardelli brand melts to a more liquid state, perfect for dipping, but the Wilton brand melts to a thicker consistency, perfect for piping shapes.

outline in chocolate

I was making these for my son’s class, so I made a lot (26 to be exact)!

completed chocolate faces

Cut out and bake pumpkin sugar cookies that you have tinted orange (thanks to my friend Olympia for suggesting this instead of frosting them all).

orange sugar cookies

Now you are ready to assemble!  Place a cookie on the bottom half of the cardstock paper and place inside a 6×8 cellophane bag.  I packed  mine up in a shoe box for easy transport to my son’s class.

packed for transport

Playing with cookies and chocolate is way more fun than magnets!!!

cookie on sheet

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  1. linda balderas on October 29, 2015 at 3:46 pm said:

    So cute!!

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