I have been pinning a lot of pineapple things lately, and as I was eating my breakfast this morning, the idea popped into my head to make some pineapple drink picks!

These are the perfect addition to an icy Pina Colada.

finished picks

During relaxed summer evenings while I was growing up, my dad would make Pina Coladas for us.  I LOVED them, and I still do.  I am not really sure how you are “supposed” to make them – I just throw frozen pineapple, canned coconut cream, a little sugar, and some water in the blender for mine – and they are delicious!

And now, how to make the drink picks!

For my supplies, I used a few different colors of green cardstock, a stapler, scissors, tape, floral tape, and bamboo skewers.  It is also a good idea to have the glass that you will be using to serve your drinks so you can get an idea of the proportions you want your finished pick to be.


This doesn’t require any special skills – you are really just going to cut some pointy leaf shapes and start stapling them together!

cut leaves

For the first few leaves, I bent them a little in the middle to give them some shape.

Fold Leaves

Arrange them to look similar to the top of a pineapple and staple together.

Starting leaves

Bend additional leaves around this starter cluster and staple to attach.

adding more leaves

I didn’t even fold these around, just stapled them where I wanted them.

continue adding leaves

By always keeping the staples in the center, you can trim the corners off if you need to.

trim as necessary

There is no right or wrong way to do this – just add leaves where you think it looks good.

work your way down

I liked the idea of multiple shades of green.  I went from dark to light.

add different shades

Once you have it the size you want, you can use regular scotch tape to attach it to a bamboo skewer.

tape to skewer

To hide the staples, I taped on two more leaves.

hide staples

To clean up the everything, cover it all with green floral tape (you can even get this at the dollar store!)

wrap with floral tape

I found it looks best to trim the bamboo skewer so that the pineapple pick sits right at the top of your drink.


If you are careful, you can definitely use these multiple times!

with straws

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