There are just so many cool products out there!  Road tape is one of those that I saw recently, and I was definitely intrigued.

However, as is my modus operandi, I have to do my research to make sure that I am getting the best deal.  Half of the time, doing something yourself is more work, time, and money than buying it already made.  Of course, the other half of the time you can do it cheaper on your own.

Road tape falls into the second category.

All you need to make your own road tape is two things: black tape that is at least 3 inches wide and a chalk pen.  I happened to have a yellow chalk pen, but it practically looks white on the tape, so I wouldn’t worry too much about getting yellow versus white.

tape and marker

The best deal on this tape I found was here: http://www.amazon.com/Maxi-7VE-Electrical-Insulating-Length/dp/B00EP24AAK

And no, this is not an affiliate link (I wish, but my blog isn’t that cool, yet!)

This tape is fantastic – it is by far the best deal at only $6.50 for 66 feet and also because the glue comes up easily and cleanly – no sticky mess on your floors or furniture.

My kids LOVED playing with this tape.  The chalk marker takes 30 seconds to a minute to dry, so don’t become impatient like me and smudge it before it dries!

road closeup

And because it is chalk, you can just wipe it off with a wet paper towel if you want to change it up.

My kids built a little store in front of the parking lot and a house at the end of the street.

roads with cars and buildings

This is the kind of thing that you could easily keep in your bag along with a toy car or two to take on the go!

This was a definite “win” at my house and even my 10-year-old thought it was really cool!


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