I remember when we got our first computer.   I didn’t totally understand what a computer was, but I knew that it took 15 minutes to boot up, and that was just enough time to eat breakfast.   The computer games never really enthralled me, but when I discovered Print Shop, it was a different story!

Do you remember Print Shop?  You could print your own cards on perforated tractor-feed paper and then fold them up.  A whole new world opened up for me.

Well, that is how I feel about my new miter saw.  I have borrowed my dad’s on several occasions, but I bought my own recently.  Suddenly, there are so many possibilities simply because I have the right tool!  

This sofa arm table is a really simple project if you have the right tools.  I used scrap wood courtesy of my dad, and cut it down to the size that I wanted.  I am not going to give you the dimensions of my sofa arm table because it is completely customized to my own sofa, but you can still get an idea of how to build your own.

We finally replaced our couch that we had bought before we had kids, and it was time.  This new couch is leather, and I didn’t want to run the risk of poking a hole into the leather, so I cut a corner off of my table top at a 45 degree angle so that it wouldn’t poke the back cushions.

sanded edges


I also sanded down all of the edges so that nothing would be too sharp, for both the family’s protection as well as the couch’s.

I nailed a board flush to the part of the table that would be on the inside of the couch.  I then placed the table on the sofa arm to mark the right place to put the other board, creating a sleeve that would fit over the sofa arm.  I used a shorter board for the inside to again avoid rubbing up against the back cushion, but I preferred the look of the long board along the whole outside of the arm for a cleaner look.

placement of boards

The wood that I used for my little table would have looked beautiful stained, but I already have a lot of wood and dark colors in my living room, so I wanted to go with a brighter,  painted look.

sofa arm table

You can see that I planned my table to be wider than my sofa arm, creating more useable space.

close up

It is pretty unobtrusive, but adds a lot of functionality.

front view

My kids were already putting their plates on the sofa arms before, but it always worried me about the drinks leaving marks, or just generally ruining our brand new sofa!!   Now there is a little more protection, which I love!

inside view


One Thought on “DIY Sofa Arm Table

  1. Johanna on April 1, 2016 at 11:04 am said:

    I like it! Now I want to see a shot of your whole room.

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