One of my guilty pleasures is to go to amazon or a favorite website and “window shop” by putting all the cool things I would love in the cart, and then not buying it.  The main reason I don’t buy them is because by the time I “window shop” everything I covet, the total cost is crazy high!

One of those times as I was filling up my wishful-thinking cart at webstaurantstore.com, I saw taco stands.  They were super simple little metal Z shaped racks for holding your tacos upright so you can fill them without them falling over.  Now, I should say that Webstaurantstore.com had the best price on these, but I still thought $3 each was a little steep for a simple piece of metal.

So I got to thinking…  Wire hangers?  Sheet metal?  Some sort of bendable plastic?

And then it hit me – the stucco metal lath leftover from my jewelry organization project.  If you read that post, you’ll know that I used stucco metal lath for that project, and that I also cut off about 8 inches of the sheet because it didn’t fit.

It’s absolutely perfect – it is strong, bendable, and most importantly – dishwasher safe.  It didn’t hurt that it was free since I already had it!

place setting

Even if you went to the store to buy the metal lath just for taco stands, at $7 for an 8 x 2.5 foot sheet, you could make taco stands for your entire neighborhood for the price of just two at the store!

I was working with a fixed width – approximately 8 inches, so I wasn’t able to fold down the edges like I would have prefered.  Since I haven’t folded the edges down as well as I would normally have liked, they are slightly dangerous because of their sharp edges.   I warned my kids to be careful,  and we didn’t have any problems.  If I was starting with a larger piece, I would definitely make sure that any sharp edges were folded under.  If you are really concerned about the edges, you could also put electrical tape or the like around the sharp edges.


I used my tin snips to cut the lath into strips a little less wide than taco shells.  Then I just folded it carefully using my bare hands and the benefit of pressing the metal against my granite counter tops to give me a firm surface to fold against.  If you don’t have stone countertops, I would suggest using the concrete garage floor.  I think any other surface would get scratched up while you pushed against it.

Top view

It was easy to adjust the width of the zig zag by pressing it tighter or pulling it out.

metal stand

side view closeup

So how fun is that?  I was able to get a set of six out of my leftover piece!  They washed up perfectly in the dishwasher – no rust in sight!   For me, this project was a total success!

side view

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