The Easter tradition that we enjoy the most at our house is dying Easter eggs.  This is in large part because my in-laws are usually here for Easter, and so it has become a fun family activity that we do together.

I usually get each of my kids a dozen eggs to color.  Then a dozen each for my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, and of course, me!  (Antonio usually colors a few from my batch).   So you are probably getting the idea that we end up with A LOT of dyed eggs.


A person can only eat so much egg salad and deviled eggs, so  few years ago we started doing something different…

The adults (and careful kids) color raw eggs.  This way I only end up with two dozen hard boiled eggs.


I will warn you, there will probably be a broken egg or two after all is said and done, but it’s a fair price to pay for avoiding too many hard boiled eggs!

We eat eggs every day for breakfast, so believe it or not, 4 dozen eggs goes pretty darn quick over here.

Happy Easter, everyone!





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