Easy candied pecans

Candied pecans are one of those foods that are incredibly easy to make if  you know how!

Here are step by step photos to guide you through making your own candied pecans to top salads, sweet potatoes, or just to snack on!

The whole process takes about five minutes, so get yourself ready by having parchment paper or wax paper laid out on the counter before you start.

Chop pecans into small, bite-sized pieces

Chop pecans

.Place equal amounts chopped pecans and granulated sugar in heavy-bottomed skillet

Half pecans, half sugar
Stir constantly over high heat.

stir pecans and sugar


All of a sudden, the sugar will start melting.

Sugar Melting


Continue stirring until all the sugar has melted and coated the pecans, being careful not to burn the pecans.

Sugar totally melted

Immediately after the sugar has melted (carefully), turn out pecans onto a piece of parchment paper or wax paper to cool.  (Melted sugar is EXTREMELY hot and can burn you severely, use caution)

Cooling Pecans

Once cool, break into pieces and store in a tightly sealed container.


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