I have tried my hand at a lot of different crafts. I just really love being creative and learning how to do things.

Maybe 7 or 8 years ago I decided I was going to learn how to make jewelry.  I bought a couple of jewelry books, bought a lot of supplies, and then discovered that it is way harder than it looks.  I don’t mean the actually making of the jewelry, that part is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but creating a piece of jewelry that actually looks good is the hard part!

If I kept it super basic (one type of bead), then usually it would turn out okay, but anything more difficult than that and you have to worry about symmetry, balance, color combinations, etc.  So after making many different necklaces and earrings that I never ended up wearing because I didn’t like how they looked, I decided to give up jewelry making. (This is also about the time I discovered Charming Charlie!  With buy one, get one free on clearance plus coupons, why would I want to make my own poorly conceived necklace when I could buy one for $3.00, which is less the cost of the supplies at the craft store?!?)

However, I have not let my jewelry making skills go to waste.  Instead of making my own jewelry, I frequently modify jewelry that I buy in the store.  If you read my blog regularly, then you may remember my Jewelry Organizing post.   A large number of those necklaces and earrings are modified to fit my taste.   As a side note, if you would like to read my blog regularly, put your email address in the subscription box in the sidebar to the right to get updates every time I post a new entry.

Let me show you how I do it!

earrings on card

Wal-Mart is another of my favorite places to look for jewelry.  I only ever buy it once it is on clearance (because heaven knows I don’t need any more jewelry, so it’s got to be a good deal!)  I found these earrings that I thought were really pretty, and they were marked down to $3.  So far, so good!


However, they were just a little too big for what I normally like to wear, so I looked at them and realized that I could easily turn them into two pairs of earrings.


The tools I used were wire cutters and two pairs of needle-nose pliers.  These are jewelry pliers, but you can just use the needle nose pliers from your tool box as well.  (the difference between the two is that jewelry pliers are smooth on the inside of the plier so you don’t mark your jewelry.   For this project, that won’t matter)

remove jump ringGrasp the jump ring (that’s the name of those rings used in jewelry) with a pair of pliers.  Then use another pair of pliers to grasp the other side and open up the ring where the break is.  If you have never done this before, check out some you tube videos on opening jump rings.


Now that they are separated, we just need to turn them each into their own set of earrings.  The portion of the earring that has the stud also has the ring attached to the bottom of it.

extra ring closeup

Remove it with wire cutters.

remove with cutters

Now the studs are done, it is only a matter of putting a new hook on the bottom portion of the earrings. The hooks that I had in the right color are super easy to put on because you literally just thread the earring onto it.  If you use a more traditional fish hook, then you can reuse the jump ring you took off earlier to attach the fish hooks.


Ta-dah!  Two earrings for the price of one!



4 Thoughts on “Easy Earring Tweak

  1. Holly on July 11, 2015 at 9:25 am said:

    I can’t go into Kohl’s without cruising past the clearance jewelry section. I have found some really good bargains there. I never thought of modifying pieces that aren’t quite to my liking. Thanks, Rachel!

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