I have a love/hate relationship with carving pumpkins.  I love the idea of carving pumpkins, but when it actually comes down to it, the rosy image in my head of our family happily carving pumpkins together while creating wonderful family memories never lives up to the hype.  Instead, the boys need help cleaning out their pumpkins, there are lots of tears because their pumpkin doesn’t look as good as they want it to, they inevitably fight (this is chronic, however, and is unrelated to the pumpkin carving), and I am left cleaning out four pumpkins, soothing frustrations, and trying not to lose my temper.

So…..This year I decided that we are going a totally different route.  I bought those fake pumpkins that they sell at the craft stores, and the kids cut out designs from black vinyl.


I felt a little torn as I was buying the craft pumpkins – was I making the right decision?  Well, as soon as we started the “family fun” of decorating pumpkins, I was reassured that I had!!

My children’s attention span for this sort of thing is about 2 minutes.  And since this project only takes 2 minutes to do, it was perfect!  (for the parents’ pumpkin – I used my cricut machine to cut out a witch)all four

After Halloween, I will peel off the vinyl, and we can “carve” our pumpkins again next year!



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