So it wasn’t really my intention to take the rest of December off!  I have lots of ideas for Christmas, but I didn’t get around to posting them in time.  The same exact thing happened last year, so I am starting to realize that I will never be able to post that much in December unless I prepare them way ahead of time.

Considering all of that, I have decided I will still post all of my Christmas ideas, and how about we choose to believe that instead of being late, they are just extra early for next year?  So, be expecting some Christmas posts in the upcoming weeks.

Now, for today’s post…

address writing

So there is a backstory to this idea.  My oldest son had his birthday in September, and when he was writing his thank you cards for his birthday presents, he addressed the envelopes like this:


To: Grandma and Grandpa

From: Quinton


When I saw it, I couldn’t believe that he didn’t know how to address an envelope, but then I realized that of course he doesn’t know since I always do it for him!

Knowing that Christmas was coming up, and they would have more cards to write, I started thinking about how to make it easy for my three kids to address their own envelopes.

This is what I came up with.

print out

I have included a PDF of the guide by clicking here: Envelope Address Guide

You will want to print it on cardstock or other heavy-weight paper.  Using an exacto knife, cut out the sections for each part of the address.  You don’t need a special cutting mat to do this –  you just use your regular kitchen cutting board.

cut out  Then you can cut out the entire rectangle, and you’ll have a handy-dandy envelope address guide!!

taped on

I would suggest taping it to the envelope so that it doesn’t move around.  I used washi tape since it is easy to remove.  I just kept reusing the same tape for my kids to address all of their envelopes by carefully peeling it off of the envelope while still keeping it attached to the guide.


My kids absolutely LOVED using these guides.  It really helped with the two younger boys who have trouble controlling the size of their handwriting.

I did have to neaten up a couple of the numbers so that the mailman wouldn’t be confused, but I am really proud of how well they did!

finished envelopes

4 Thoughts on “Envelope Address Guide

  1. Very nice. I have recently allowed my kids to move to EmaIL thank yous, if they choose. They are 10 and 12. They write the most beautiful thank you notes. I don’t proof read them and i go into my sent items and read them afterwards. 🙂 We do send cards to a girl we sponsor in Ghana… we can use this for those envelopes!!

    • Rachel on January 4, 2016 at 1:02 pm said:

      I hope you find it useful! I just realized the PDF file is not working properly, so hopefully I can get it fixed soon. Thanks for checking out my blog!!!

  2. linda balderas on January 4, 2016 at 1:56 pm said:

    Rachel you are so creative and ingenious!!!!

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