Today’s post is courtesy of a friend of mine, Heather, who told me that she uses earplugs to sleep.

See, I have noticed that as I get older, I just don’t sleep as deeply as I used to. Not only does my husband’s snoring keep me up (even my own snoring wakes me up sometimes!!!), but the noise of shifting around in bed at night or the footsteps on the floor when someone is going to the bathroom in the middle of the night also wake me up. Luckily, I usually can go back to sleep easily, but it is still frustrating sometimes.

Well, it turns out Heather was on to something because wearing ear plugs really helps!

This particular style are the color of earwax (not sure if this is a plus or minus), but they are easy to use and a great price.  I can easily squish them up to get a tight fit in my ear.

Image result for orange ear plugs

If you are not sure if you really want 50 pairs, head over to your local megastore/hardware store and buy a small pack in the hardware/home improvement section.

It did take a few nights to get used to the feeling of wearing ear plugs, and it takes me a minute or so to hear my radio alarm when it goes off in the morning, but it is remarkable how much better my sleep is when I wear them!


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