Mini Cookie Cutters (Cookie Stamps) on Friday Finds from

If you have followed my blog for any time now, you know that I like to bake.  I especially like fun/novelty items and specialty packaging.

Well, what is more fun than these mini cookie cutters?

Mini Cookie Cutters (Cookie Stamps) on Friday Finds from

I purchased these from Amazon.  In case you can’t tell what they are supposed to be: Mickey/Minnie Mouse, Star Wars, and Angry Birds.

They are a little larger than an animal cracker in size, so they are not tiny, but also not an oversized cookie.

There are tons of vendors for cookie cutters like these.  My own personal rule is to aim for about $1/cutter.

If you want to check them out, here are the links (although the prices change all of the time):

Mickey/Minnie Mouse

Star Wars

Angry Birds


Happy Friday!

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