Close up gray memory foam shoes


I love shoes.

I think I like that you can add a little punch to your outfit with a fun pair of shoes AND I like that they fit regardless of your current weight!

Even though I favor heels and wedges, I have been slowly getting a few flats.   The problem is, I don’t want them too flat!  

Maybe it is just me, but if a shoe is too flat, I feel like I am leaning backwards!  And then so often they look like big boats – they have no shape at all.

My feet are a size 10-11; I can’t afford to make them look any bigger or shapeless!

Gray Memory Foam shoes from Wal-Mart

Anyway, I found these great shoes at Wal-Mart that I just love!  Yes, I also love Wal-Mart.  I know people love to hate on Wal-Mart, and although their customer service is lacking, I really love shopping there for clothes and occasionally shoes.

These shoes are fantastic!

They have a thick, shaped sole so your feet don’t look like giant ovals.

Shape of memory foam shoe

They have a memory foam base which feels amazing!  My kids are always wearing these shoes around the house because they are so comfortable.  (What’s crazy is they fit my 8-year-old!)

Side view memory foam shoe

They come in a variety of colors, but I personally like the neutral ones with a particular type of fabric.

They retail for $12.88 and are in stores and online.   I found mine in the local store, but if want to look at them online, click HERE for the link.


Happy Friday!


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