As I mentioned on Monday, I am going to be having some ongoing series assigned to certain days of the week.  Mondays will be a meal idea and Fridays are going to be about some of my favorite products.  

I always love getting recommendations for things that will help me or my family with our everyday lives.  This strawberry huller is just such an item!

Our youngest son LOVES fruit.  He is crazy for it, and I though certainly don’t want to discourage it, sometimes the waste just kills me!

Know what I mean…?

wasted strawberries

I went off to the internet to see what items could be found, and I saw several strawberry huller options.  I decided on this one.  The prices change pretty regularly on Amazon, so you can look around to find the best price.  I got mine for under $5.00 and free shipping.

strawberries and huller

What I wanted was something pretty simple – a tool that would allow my 6-year-old to hull the strawberries himself so that there would be no waste, and I wouldn’t have to stop whatever I was in the middle of to do it for him!

using huller

I would say that a coordinated 4-year-old could probably do it, but the prongs might be too dangerous for a child much younger than that.  (You know your own child, so use your judgment).

emptying huller

Pressing down on the button was very easy for me, but it took a few tries for my son to get the hang of it.

hulled strawberries

This is my favorite part – hardly any waste!!!

eating strawberry

Happy mom and happy kids!  The best part is, the huller is so small, it takes up very little drawer space.  To clean it, I just rinsed it under running water and called it a day.

yummy strawberry


* By the way, none of these are affiliate links, but here’s hoping one day I will have enough readers that this will be a possibility!

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