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It’s super easy!  After trying several ideas on pinterest – salt, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, etc…   I have finally found the solution that works EVERY TIME!!  I’ve broken it down into steps:

1.  First, go into a Costco (or any other store) and head to the restaurant supply section.

2.  Find the sheet pans.  Select the size you want.

3.  Head over to the checkout, taking the most circuitous route possible so that you can hit up as many sample stations as you can.

4.  Purchase sheet pan and hot dog (even though you promised yourself that the samples would be “lunch” and so it was okay to get two, when faced with a soda and hot dog, the samples become “appetizers.”)

5.  Take your new shiny pan home and admire your handiwork!

So what do I do with my new shiny pans??

I don’t use them!  That’s right, when it comes time to cook on them, I can’t bear the thought that they will inevitably get stained, so I save them for those occasions when I want someone to think that all my pans are super shiny.

You know,  like when delivering a meal to someone, or when you have guests over for dinner and they might see the pan coming out of the oven!

Happy Friday!

2 Thoughts on “How to Get Shiny Pans

  1. Haha clever!

  2. That is hilarious! Love it!

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