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I really love to cook and try out new things – especially from around the world.  If you have someone on your gift list who also likes to be adventurous in their cooking, consider these ideas!

I own or have used every one of these and I love them all!

Omelette Pan

If you want to be able to make perfect omelettes, then this tool is for you!  This is a Japanese omelette pan and will help you make the most beautiful and delicious rolled omelettes.   You can try it with this easy recipe from the My Korean Kitchen website.


Thumbprint Cookie Press

Williams Sonoma Thumbprint Cookie Stamps, Set of 3

If you follow this blog, then you know I can’t get enough of cookie presses!  Check out these amazing thumbprint cookie presses from Williams Sonoma!


Taiyaki Pan


My kids love it when I make taiyaki!   It is a popular street food in Asia.  They are basically filled pancakes in the shape of a fish.  My kids love them filled with Nutella or chocolate chips, although you can also make them savory with ham & cheese, etc..  Check out a great recipe also at My Korean Kitchen.


Waffle Cone Maker

Making your own waffle cones is easy, but not something that everyone is interested in.  I love mine, but before gifting this to someone, make sure that they are the type of person who would use it, otherwise it will just be another kitchen appliance cluttering up their cabinets.   If you want to go all out, you could also make them this waffle cone holderA great recipe for waffle cones is at Our Best Bites website.


Dolsot-Bibimbap Stone Bowls

The ones I own are from World Market, but it can be hit or miss finding them there.  You can also find these at Asian grocery stores, but I typically find them overpriced there.   You can find tons of great recipes for making your own Bibimbap online.


3/4 Sheet Pans

I purchased mine at a Costco Business Center (geared more to the business owner than the regular shopper), and I LOVE my 3/4 size pans.  Full size commercial pans are too large for most home ovens, but the 3/4 size is pretty much the largest size pan that you can fit in your oven comfortably.  This would be a great gift for someone who cooks for a crowd a lot.


Mini Hibachi Grill Set


Talk about fun!!  These mini hibachi grills are great for roasting marshmallows, cocktail weiners, quick-cooking meat, or seafood.  I have one for everyone in my family and the kids get such a kick out of using them!  It might be nice to include some cans of ethanol gel with this.


Palm Leaf Plates

People always love when I use these palm leaf plates.  They are such a great gift for someone who likes to host a lot because they are disposable, environmentally friendly, and just so cool!


Stainless Steel Kadhai 

Hammered Stainless Steel Kadhai

These hammered steel bowls are beautiful and make your homemade Indian food even more authentic!  I have all three sizes, but if you wanted to give just one size, I would suggest the medium size.  To keep mine shiny, I only use them for serving.  If you cook with them, obviously they will darken (which is fine), but I want to keep mine shiny as long as possible.



Blue Tile Terracotta Tagine

World Market has several designs of tagines, but this one is particularly beautiful, I think.  It would be a nice addition to include a heat diffuser along with this gift.


Bamboo Steamer 

Bamboo steamers come in standard sizes, and the 10-inch size is a good one to be able to cook a decent amount of food.  The steamer will be even more functional if you gift it with a few accessories, such as parchment liners and a steamer ring.


Taco Stand

I use my own homemade taco stands, but they are super useful and would be a great gift.


Rosette Iron

Rosette and Timbale Set, 6 Piece Set

You can buy these at lots of different stores, but this is a nice set.  With this set, you can make rosette cookies as well as shells to fill with berries and cream or chocolate mousse, etc.


Victorio Food Strainer and Mill

This is an indispensable tool if you make a lot of homemade apple sauce or tomato soup.  The best ones are all metal (like a Squeezo or an all-metal Victorio) but they are over $200.  This is a more affordable one and has great reviews.


Pasta Machine

I don’t make homemade pasta very often, but when I do, this tool is indispensable.  It is very heavy and durable.  They also sell pasta machine attachments for the Kitchenaid Mixer, but it is more expensive to get the attachment than this standalone machine.


Himalayan Salt Block

This reusable salt block can be used on your grill or in your oven. This is one of the largest they sell, but still only about the size of a piece of paper, so this is best to gift to someone who is not cooking for a huge family.


Thai Lotus Flower Cookie Iron

These are similar to rosette irons, but their design is such that they create flower-looking cookies (they taste similar to fortune cookies).  Most of the offerings on Amazon are not Prime, so you would have to order these right away and hope they get here by Christmas!


Maamoul Cookie Molds

Maamoul are Middle Eastern Cookies – not unlike Mexican Wedding Cookies.  This mold will help you get the classic shapes – all in one tool!


Last, but not least, would this really be a complete list without mooncake molds!?!?


Mooncake Molds

As any regular reader of my blog knows, mooncake molds are a bit of a passion of mine!  Not just for making mooncakes, you can use them in so many applications!  Just type mooncake mold in my search bar on the right sidebar and you can find all sorts of ideas.


I hope this inspired you with some ideas for that person who loves to try out new cuisines and tools in the kitchen!


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