If you love pie, then you’ll love these Halloween mini pies!  Here are ideas on how to make four different pies looks “Halloween-y” just in time for Saturday!

Halloween Pies

Doing all four of these pies is a definite time investment, but doing just one would be a simpler way to turn an ordinary pie into a Halloween treat!

This first pie is coconut cream.  However, you could do this treatment on any pie that has a cream topping such as banana cream, chocolate cream, etc..  The idea of using witch’s legs is all over the internet.  Cut paper straws down to size and then insert a boot shape into the end of the straw.  I just free-hand cut these boots out.  They don’t have to be perfect; I think as long as they have the high heel and pointy toe, you will get the right look.

Close-up Coconut Cream

This next pie is key lime, but again, any pie with a meringue topping will work (such as lemon meringue).   I have even seen recipes for pumpkin tarts with meringue topping.  Prepare your pie as usual and spread a small amount of meringue over the pie.  Then, place the remaining meringue into a ziplock bag, cut off the corner, and pipe a ghost into the center of the pie.  To finish the look, place eyeball decorations onto the ghost.  If you want, you can place your pies under the broiler for a few minutes to brown the meringue.

Close-up Key Lime

Pumpkin pie jack-o-lanterns is not a new idea, but it is a really easy and simple way to decorate your pie.  You could even do this to a store-bought pie.  Using a sharp knife, I cut the pie dough into the shapes I liked and baked it until golden brown.  After they were baked, I arranged them on top of the pie.

close-up Pumpkin

This Rocky Road pie is for chocolate lovers!  It is a combination of salted almonds, marshmallows, and chocolate chips enrobed in a chocolate ganache.  My husband came up with the idea of calling them “Spooky Road” pies as a play on words.  (isn’t it a great idea!).  Sandwich a toothpick between strips of washi tape and write Spooky Road in sharpie.  I trimmed the ends to look like a banner.

Close-up Rock Road

And this is how the pies look after taste testing!  🙂

empty pie tin

Together, these pies make a big impression, but given as individual gifts, they won’t disappoint!
Three tier display

I’m not really sure which is my favorite.  I really like the look of them all together.  If you are going to give them as a gift, the pumpkin pie is the easiest since it doesn’t have anything sticking up and it is not as messy as the cream or meringue pies.

on display

Which is your favorite?

individual pie collage



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