TitleIf you are looking for a Halloween treat that is easy to pack and transport, this is a great option.  These would also be a great choice for a school party since they require no knives or plates, and they are not as messy as traditional favorites like cupcakes.

dipped in chocolate

I adapted this idea from Martha Stewart.  You will need your favorite shortbread cookie recipe, plastic bugs (like the kind you get at the dollar store), a circle cookie cutter, and chocolate (optional).


I suggest shortbread for the cookie because it holds its shape and impressions really well.  Obviously, if you have another recipe that you love that keeps sharp impressions, you could use that one.

Roll out your dough slightly thicker than you want it to be and place the (clean) plastic bugs face down.  With your rolling pin, press the bugs into the dough, creating crisp impressions, and roll it to the correct thickness.   You can think of this part as if you were making fossils prints.

Carefully remove the bugs, and then cut out your cookies with the circle cutter.  (If you were to cut the circles first, then do the bug imprints, you would get an uneven circle.)


Place your cut out cookies on your cookie sheet and bake as your recipe directs.

Once cooled, you may serve them as is, or if you want to kick it up a notch, you can coat the bottoms in chocolate.  I really love working with Ghirardelli Melting Chocolates – I just discovered them recently and they work so much better than the Wilton brand of melting chocolates.

coating in chocolate

If you have extra chocolate after dipping your cookies, just scoop it onto a sheet of wax paper to harden.  You can reuse it or eat it as is.

extra chocolate

These would also be a great dessert to bring to a Halloween party for adults since these shortbread cookies are a little more sophisticated than a lot of other Halloween themed desserts.  Enjoy!

on a plate

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  1. linda balderas on October 27, 2015 at 2:18 pm said:

    These look yummy and cute! I wish I had the energy to try baking them Rachel!! Youŕe blog is wonderful!

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