Making heart-shaped fudge is super easy with the use of a mooncake mold! I purchase my molds from Amazon where there are many options. If you want the particular set I used , you can find it here.

First, you will need to make the fudge of your choice. I made strawberry flavored fudge using this super easy recipe (only two ingredients!!) from For the recipe, click here.

You can use any recipe you like, but I wanted pink fudge since I was making hearts. I made my fudge several days in advance. If you decide to make these all in one day, you will need to give time for the fudge to set up (usually at least two hours). The process of shaping the fudge into hearts is very similar to making shaped butter (click here to see that post)

Cut your prepared fudge into individual portions. Using gloved hands, roll each portion into a smooth ball.

The goal is to get a smooth surface so that you can get the cleanest imprint.

Once you have formed the fudge into balls, it is time to shape them! I put a clean piece of cling wrap over the ball, making sure not to have any creases in the cling wrap (creases will create lines in your molded fudge).

Place your mooncake mold over the fudge ball, and give one strong press down.

If you are unhappy with how it turned out, just reshape it into a ball and press again!

Carefully peel off the cling wrap and place your molded fudge onto a cupcake liner. I opened the cupcake liner up a little bit to make it easier to place the fudge on it.

If you find that handling the fudge has softened it too much, making it lose its shape when you remove the cling wrap, simply put the fudge (with the cling wrap still on it) into the refrigerator to firm up a minute or so before. You should then be able to remove the cling wrap without causing the heart to lose it’s definition.

Mooncake molds allow for any thickness you want, but since fudge is very sweet, I recommend not making the shaped fudge too thick.

You can package up two or three in a cute little box to give away, or just keep them for yourself!

This is a project that would be a lot of fun to do with children as well because it is so easy!

If you wanted to go all out, you could make multiple types of fudge and make your own “chocolate box” of homemade fudge candies to give to someone special!

If you are looking for other projects using mooncake molds, just type into my blog’s search bar on the right “mooncake,” and you will find many other treats and projects using these amazingly versatile tools!!

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  1. Sarah Moore on February 9, 2021 at 10:00 am said:

    Thanks for sharing this great idea. You are so talented and creative.

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