My husband discovered Green Tabasco sauce the other day at US Cafe – a burger joint.   He’s not normally a Tabasco sauce fan, so he was really surprised by how much he loved it.   Being the loving wife I am 🙂 I went to the store to get a bottle to have at home.  I paid $4 for a small bottle, and he promptly used the whole thing up in a week!

I looked at the ingredients, and it seemed to me that it was just pureed pickled jalapeños.  So I decided to make my own green pepper sauce – by throwing a can of pickled jalapeños in the blender!


I poured it into a squeeze bottle (I love these squeeze bottles they sell at Sam’s because the opening is large so they are easy to clean)


So in less than 3 minutes, I had made my own green pepper sauce and my husband loves it!

I didn’t think the green Tabasco sauce was that great because I thought it tasted a little floral, but my homemade version is perfect for my tastes.   In my opinion, it could use a little salt, but my husband prefers that I don’t add salt.

Try it out for yourself and you can always add a little salt if you think it needs it.

This version is way cheaper than the Tabasco and ready at a moment’s notice!



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