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A friend said that she thought I should do a house tour for my blog.  My thought was that:

  1. my house is not “tour-worthy,” and
  2. If I did decide to do a “tour,” it would only be one room at a time because I could only manage to get one room picture-ready at a time!

However, because coming up with blog ideas can be difficult sometimes, I am going to post some house tour pictures anyway!

This is the first year where I put skulls out since they are slightly more “scary” decorations. My youngest thought it was a little scary, but he seemed to be okay with it after his initial reaction.

mantel with fireplace

Here in my living room, I have the  mantel decorated with bottles.   It is hard to see what they are in this picture, but it is a ghost, a witch, a jack-o-lantern, and a spiderweb with a large plastic spider hot glued on.  The idea for these was from Woman’s Day magazine.

The skulls are paper mache that I got on clearance last year after Halloween.  I spray painted them with a mixture of brushed nickel and gold.

The plaster bones in the fireplace I made using a tutorial from Martha Stewart. 
libraryThis photograph was hard to get; my bookshelves are lined with mirrors, and I didn’t want to be in the picture.  Plus the lighting is tricky in this room.  I love my fake, plastic grass. I use it most of the year for decorating.  As a base for bird’s nests, as a green backdrop to other decorations, and in this case, as my graveyard.

front entrance

On my foyer table, I put a ceramic jack-o-lantern (passed down from my mom) and a little candy dish that is used as a key catcher.
dining room

My dining room buffet is pretty simple right now.  I took down the snow cone bar, and I am enjoying the cleaner look on the buffet – at least until Thanksgiving.  The pumpkin basket is my “candy giving” basket on Halloween.  For now, it is holding hot chocolate packets.

candy dish

I try to incorporate some of the kids’ crafts from previous years.  This is a sock bat that my oldest made two years ago.  Let’s be honest, not all of the crafts they bring home from school are ones you want to keep from year to year, but this bat is really cute!

I’m not sure if this tour was something you liked or not.  If it is, let me know, and maybe I’ll do more in the future!


6 Thoughts on “House Tour: Halloween Decorations

  1. Loved seeing your decorations, Rachel! Where did you get the black lacey fabric on your mantel?

  2. Shalynna on October 8, 2015 at 10:40 pm said:

    Please do it for every season! You have darling ideas.

  3. Nicole Cappuccio on October 9, 2015 at 11:31 am said:


    loved your tour! What fun ideas. Thanks for sharing

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