Traditional housewarming gift.

Today I am sharing a traditional housewarming gift idea.

This is a fun gift to give since you can modify it to your tastes and to the recipient’s taste.

Traditional housewarming gift.

In my basket, I included:

Specialty Salt – so you always have spice

Candles – so you always have light

Drink – so you will never go thirsty

Bread – so that you will never go hungry

Jam – So that you will always enjoy the sweetness in life
Traditional housewarming gift.

You can modify the items to your liking –  the drink could be wine, the jam could be honey, the salt could be a spice rub, etc..

Originally, I was going to create printable tags for this, but I decided that handwritten notes were more personal, which I think is adds a nice touch.


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