Do you have a favorite length for your necklaces?  I know that I do.  I tend to like my necklaces on the long side, but I often will find necklaces I really like that would be perfect if only they were a little longer.

Now that I know how easy it is to lengthen a necklace, whenever I find a great necklace that isn’t the right length,  I buy it and make modifications to it myself.

This is a necklace that I bought that I thought was really pretty, but just a little too short for my tastes.


Since I modify so many of the necklaces that I buy, whenever I see chains on sale, I grab them up to have on hand.  These two necklaces below are an example of buying necklaces of chains when I see them on clearance.  At $1.00 each, I have enough chains to modify tons of necklaces.  You can also buy chains at craft stores.



You will have to figure out the best place to lengthen your necklace.  For this one, I didn’t have an exact match to the single chain portion, so I needed to remove the entire thing and replace it all with a longer chain.  I found the jump ring (this is a thin ring used to connect jewelry parts) where the bottom part of the necklace was attached to the chain.

jump ring

Once you have identified where you can take it apart, remove the chain portion you are replacing.

open ring

Measure how long you want your new chain to be.

Attach the new chain to the necklace where the old one used to be.   In this case, I lengthened it so that I could fit it over my head without a clasp.  If you prefer to keep a clasp, you can remove the clasp from the part you removed and attach it to the new chain.  If you only need to lengthen it slightly, then you can just add some length onto the extender chain in the back.  
measure length
  Here is a picture of the new, longer necklace with the portion of chain I removed on the inside to see how much longer I made it.

Of course, I saved the piece I removed because it can come in handy for a future necklace modification!  Waste not, want not!

new length

All done and ready to wear! finished necklace

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