The weather has been warming up, so that means that it was time to retire the Hot Chocolate Bar until next fall.  Recently, I have been to a couple of parties where they had an Italian Soda Bar.  It was such a fun idea, that I decided I wanted to do it at home, and it was also a great way to

continue to use my Torani Syrups.

When my kids came home from school and saw the soda bar, I am not sure that there are words to describe their enthusiasm!!

soda bar

My goal of this bar was to make it completely self-sufficient so that everything you might need would be right here.   Well, everything except ice.  If I were having a party, I would include an ice bucket, but for our everyday use we just use the ice machine in the freezer door.


I wanted single-serving bottles of sparkling water (although, I make my kids share them!) to avoid half-used bottles.  I have glasses and straws at the ready.  To avoid keeping creamer in the fridge, I bought single-serve creamers that don’t require refrigeration so they are easy to grab and use.

full picture

And of course, I have LOTS of syrup choices!!!  If you look on the right side of the syrup tray, you can see that I just used 2×4 wood scraps to create “steps” so that the syrups are at different levels.  I also have the regular syrups in the front and all of the sugar-free syrups on the back two rows.


In the interest of full disclosure, I have made some really disgusting flavor pairings so far which I had to throw out!  My kids’ favorites are plain old root beer, strawberry cream, and chocolate cherry.  I’m not sure what my favorite is yet, but raspberry cream is up there.

Full Bar

Instead of waiting for a party, why not set up a soda bar for every day!  It’s such a fun addition that your family will love!



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