I absolutely LOVE to organize.  I  just get so much satisfaction out of having a place for everything – not just any place – but a place that is functional and that makes sense for how you use it.

So, now let’s talk about organizing jewelry…

(I feel like I should preface this by saying that my picture taking abilities are limited to begin with.  Taking pictures in a poorly lit, tight closet definitely didn’t help!  So, please excuse the poor quality of the pictures!)

The problem with most jewelry organization ideas is that they are way too small.  I mean, if I buy a cute frame for my earrings and three necklaces, what am I supposed to do about all my other necklaces?  Or how about earrings that are on posts?

You end up needing all sorts of different storage solutions, and you break one of the cardinal rules of organizing  – putting like with like.

I had a pretty good system going before, but what I really wanted was ALL of my jewelry together.  Not my necklaces in one place, my post earrings somewhere else, my bracelets somewhere else, and my hook back earrings yet somewhere else!  I wanted to look in one location and see what all of my options are.

I also want the ability to rearrange as necessary.  That is something you always have to factor in any time you are organizing – is your collection going to stay this way forever?  If not, then you need to build in some flexibility.

First of all, figure out where you are when you are getting on your jewelry.  For me, it is while I am getting dressed, so I want it close to where I get dressed every day, my bedroom/closet area.   Behind the closet door was the perfect place to put my jewelry because it was easily accessible and also out of the way.

behind the door

I was initially going to use peg board, but that stuff is expensive!!  So I did some searching, and I found that stucco metal lath was exactly what I was looking for….. an 8  x 2.5 foot sheet for only $7.00!

Eight feet was a little too tall for my wall, so I cut off ~8 inches using tin snips.

It was also a little wide for the space I had, but I just bent it under very carefully. (this folded up part turned out to being very useful).   The metal lath isn’t sharp exactly, but it is “rough” to the point that you could cut yourself if you act too quickly with it, so be careful when handling it.

Nail two strips of wood into the studs of your wall, then screw the metal lath into the wood strips, pulling it tight.

I searched for “S” hooks, and by far the cheapest place to buy them is IKEA at 10 for $1.00.  If you don’t have an IKEA close by, just use large paper clips.

Note:  The “S” hooks were hard to get into the grate because the curve was a little too tight, so I stretched out one end of the “S” ever so slightly using a pair of pliers by rotating the pliers under the curve.

spread S hook

I organized by color since that is typically how I look for what necklace to wear.  The top row starts with yellow, orange, pink, and red.

top row

Below that I have my bracelets, watches, and post earrings.  I wanted these at eye level since they are smaller and I wanted to be able to see them well.

bracelets row

The solution that I came up with for my post earrings was to use magnets.  I attached magnets to some heavy black matte board that I had around the house.  I found that almost all of the actual posts (not necessarily the earring itself) were magnetic.  I used those very small, “rare earth” super strong magnets.  So far, it is seeming to work well.   I don’t have a problem with the earrings coming off of the magnets, but I did have the problem with the magnets coming off the glue.  So make sure you use extremely strong glue (don’t use hot glue – I have found that hot glue can weaken magnets).

post earrings

Below my post earrings, I have another row of S hooks for my blue, green, and purple necklaces.

third row

Finally, I have one more row of S hooks for my black , white, and metal necklaces. (As you can see, I have a lot of necklaces – all cheap stuff, by the way – but sometimes I still don’t have the right necklace for an outfit!  Hard to believe, but true!)

bottom row

The side that I ended up rolling over turned out to be perfect for all of my fish hook earrings.  Don’t you just love happy accidents?

hook earrings

It really looks a lot nicer than the pictures show.  I wasn’t able to get the whole thing in one picture, so the best I could get was half.  This whole project cost me less than $20, and is incredibly versatile.  It may not be the “cutest” organization for jewelry out there, but it works perfectly for me!


4 Thoughts on “Jewelry Organization for the BIG Collector

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  2. Sarah on June 2, 2015 at 9:57 pm said:

    Amazing! Love this!

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