I have always really loved pillow boxes.  They are such a pretty package, but most of the time they are too small to do much with them aside from a gift card or small item.  I have made a collection of jumbo sized pillow boxes to keep on hand for quick gifts.  They are big enough that you can put a lot more things into them.  The other great thing about pillow boxes is that they store flat, so they take up very little storage room, which I consider a big plus!

all pillow boxes

You will need two matching pieces of 12 x 12 cardstock.  I chose this print, which looks sort of denim-y.

Scrapbook paper

You will need to trim the sheet to 9 x 12 inches.  Since my pattern was centered in my paper, I cut off 1 1/2 inches from both sides so that the pattern would stay centered.

After you have trimmed the paper, fold it under 1/2 inch on the 12 inch side and apply double sided tape (make sure it is very strong tape so that your box stays together)

folded 12 inch

Adhere the papers together.

tape together

Now to create the ends that will make a “pillow” shape when you fold it.  Use my  Jumbo Pillow Box Template to get the curve right.  On the outside edge, use a pencil and trace.  On the inside edge, use an embossing tool (or a bobby pin, or anything else that will create an indent) and trace the curve while pressing down.  Flip and repeat on both sides and both ends.

cut and score

First cut off the outside where you marked with your pencil.  Now you can carefully fold in the flaps to create that classic pillow box shape, creasing the indented curve as needed.  It’s not necessary, but I like to add a little thumb notch on the inside flap to make it easier to open.  I happen to own a thumb notch punch, but you can also use a circle punch and just punch half of the circle.

thumb notch

Fold in both sides and you have a beautiful, jumbo pillow box ready for filling with all sorts of goodies!


It is certainly not necessary, but it looks really great to add a little ribbon or string to wrap around the box.  It just gives it a more finished look.  I promise after you make one, you’ll want to make an entire collection!

wrapped pillow box



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  1. This is a great design for soap and other product packaging. Thanks for the sharing.

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