100_4310My kids love to go to the library.  Only recently has it become enjoyable for me to take them.  This is mainly because #3 is finally old enough not to run down the aisles, pulling books off the shelves as if he were a football player entering the stadium.  But I digress….each of my boys has their own library card, and today I’d like to share a simple way that I help them not lose their library cards!

It’s pretty simple:  find one of the many tote bags that are inevitably floating around your house.  This could be a freebie from some work conference, a reusable grocery bag, an old tote that your kids got from summer camp, etc…   Next, find a small zippered bag that is also floating around your house.  Great options are zippered pencil cases that came with a book bag, or a free make-up bag that came with purchase.  You get the idea.  Now, maybe your house doesn’t have so many things floating around in it.  If that is the case, you can certainly buy said items!


Once you have collected your tote bag and the zippered bag, just sew the zippered bag to the inside of the tote bag.    Unzip the bag and place near the top of the tote.  Pin it in place so that it doesn’t shift while you sew a line along the upper inside edge of the zippered bag.




Now your child will have a bag to tote their books in and a zippered pouch to keep their library card safe.  Trust me, if your child is anything like mine, they will feel so important being in charge of their own card!

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