Bibimbap - Korean Mixed Rice.

If you are looking to try something new this week, look no further!

This dish looks fancy and complicated, but it is actually pretty straight forward – I promise!

Bibimbap - Korean Mixed Rice.

I learned about this dish when I saw these cool granite bowls at World Market and did some research on how to use them – YouTube to the rescue!

Don’t you just LOVE YouTube?  I have learned so much from watching YouTube videos!

What I learned is that bibim means “mixed” and bap means “rice”, which makes the name mean mixed rice.    It is essentially rice placed in a bowl, and then topped with a variety of vegetables and meat.

If you make it in a stone pot, you can heat it up over a burner until the rice sizzles.

Apparently, if you make it in the stone pot, it is called Dolsot Bibimbap, but if you make it in a regular bowl, it is just Bibimbap.  The word Dolsot refers to the pot!

Once it is sizzling, you top it with a delicious sauce and stir it up!
Bibimbap - Korean Mixed Rice.

This was a BIG hit at my house!  A lot of Korean food relies heavily on garlic and sesame flavors, and I find that most Americans really enjoy that flavor combination.  Plus it doesn’t hurt that Korean’s enjoy their beef, as do Americans!

Bibimbap - Korean Mixed Rice.

I did not realize how filling this dish was going to be – I made mini eggrolls (by made, I mean put the frozen kind in the oven) – thinking we might need something more.  However, no one was able to finish their bowl of rice!

There are lots of recipes out there for Bibimbap, but the one I used is from here.  For the YouTube video of this recipe, click here.

I followed her recipe exactly and it was AMAZING!!!!!

And don’t worry, you definitely do not need to have the granite bowls.  Cast iron would work great for this, or you could simply put it in ordinary bowls and skip the heating it up part.



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