My inspiration for today’s post is from one of my absolute favorite desserts at Publix.  They sell “french fans” which consist of their fantastic frosting sandwiched between two palmiers and then dipped halfway in chocolate.  I LOVE them!

I decided that Easter would be a great time to try making my own.

I made my own puff pastry using the recipe from Nick Malgieri’s book bake! (which I reviewed here), but you can certainly use store-bought puff pastry if you want.

First, you will need to roll the dough out to about 1/4 inch thickness and then cut it into rounds.

cutting circles

After you have cut out all of the rounds, roll them once or twice to form them into an elongated egg shape.

IMPORTANT:  If you are going to eat the puff pastry as-is without the frosting or chocolate, you will want to roll them out on a big pile of granulated sugar.  If you are planning on sandwiching them with frosting, roll them out on a lightly floured board.  This will keep your final treat from being too sweet – I learned this the hard way!

roll into egg shape

To avoid any sticking problems, definitely use parchment paper.  Dock the puff pastry with a fork so that it rises evenly and you don’t get any big bubbles.

prick with fork

Bake them according to the recipe or the package directions.


After they have cooled completely, match up the eggs that are the closest in size.  Flip one side over and pipe or spoon your favorite frosting into the center.  My favorite frosting recipe is from here.  I LOVE this recipe, except I only put in half the amount of almond flavoring because otherwise I find it too strong.

pipe frosting

I hardly pressed down at all – I didn’t want the frosting spilling out the sides.


Now just to dip them in chocolate!  I used the Ghirardelli melting wafers because I love how well they melt for dipping.

dip in chocolate

Dipping only half of the egg serves several purposes – it looks pretty, it allows you to hold it without getting your fingers all chocolatey, and also it keeps the chocolate from overpowering the entire dessert.


This is a beautiful dessert and so delicious!  It is the perfect marriage of buttery crispness and sweet frosting.   
   finished egg     close up


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