Today I want to share with you this fantastic way to store your leafy herbs.  This method works better than any other method I have used.  

First, take a length of paper towels long enough to spread your herbs out in a single-ish layer.  Dampen the paper towels.  This is the hardest part – after squeezing the extra water out, do your best not to tear the paper towels apart as you shake it out flat again.

paper towel laid out

Lay your herbs in a single layer across the paper towels.

cilantro spread out

Roll up the herbs in the paper towel.

rolling up

I store the rolled-up herbs in the bag that I bought the herbs in.

rolled up

I have not tried it on green onions yet before today, but I took a picture anyway.  This method keeps my cilantro fresh for so long, I can only hope that it will work as well for the green onions!

green onions

2 Thoughts on “Storing Leafy Herbs

  1. Olympia Poulsen on November 23, 2015 at 8:08 am said:

    How did it work with green onions?

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