Hello, summer!

If you have been following my blog, you know by now that I love to change up things for the seasons. Now that we are in summer vacation, I thought it was time to switch out the Italian Soda Bar and put in my summer Snow Cone Bar.

Years ago a piano student gave me a snow cone machine as a gift.  It’s funny, a snow cone machine is not normally something that I would think of to give someone, but it has been such a fun thing to own.  I never would have bought one for myself, which is probably why it was such a great gift!

As an added bonus, my kids know how to do it all on their own, which I love! (Although I do require that my kids take the machine into the kitchen while making the snow cones).

snow cone bar

For the Snow Cone Bar, I have only fruit flavors plus Root Beer.  My oldest son just can’t get enough of the Root Beer flavor.  We are on our third bottle of Root Beer syrup already!

In case you are interested in doing something similar, let me tell you a few tips that we have learned:

1.  The snow cone machine comes with an ice mold.   We never bother with that because who can remember to constantly refill the mold?  We just use the ice out of the ice machine and it works fine.

2.  Don’t expect carnival quality shaved ice from these little machines you buy at the store.  They shave it pretty small, but not like the snow-like texture you get with the “real” deal.

3.  There are a ton of tutorials on the web for making your own snow cone syrup with kool aid.  Those work really well and were my go-to before I started using the Torani syrups.  Since I already have the Torani syrups from my other bars (hot chocolate and Italian soda), I just continue to use them.

4.  The special spoon straws are not necessary, but they definitely add a level of fun that you just don’t get with a standard spoon!

5.  I have the traditional cone to serve them in, but they are a bit problematic because you can’t set them down.  If you are going to forego something, I would choose this and just put out plastic cups or something similar instead.

Hope this helps you when creating your own snow cone  bar  – enjoy!



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