You can’t beat Costco’s $5 rotisserie chicken, and I have found a great way to get the most out of them! By purchasing ten chickens at once, I can maximize my dinner options.

10 Rotisserie Chickens = 16 Meals

When I buy just one chicken for our family, I tend to waste more. The dark meat gets eaten immediately, I am left with just a small amount of white meat, and the wings often get thrown out.

With ten chickens, I actually waste a lot less because I have enough of each type of chicken pieces to make better meals. Using ten chickens, I am able to prepare chicken for 16 meals for my family of five. I spend less than an hour cutting up the chicken and then I have chicken ready for quick meals the rest of the month!

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This year, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is Monday, September 24, 2018.  This is a festival that is halfway through the autumn season in the Chinese calendar and it is a time to celebrate the harvest and a lot of traditions center around the moon.

Traditional mooncakes are baked pastries filled with lotus flower paste or sweet bean pastes.  I am just in love with mooncake molds, but truth be told, I am not in love with the traditional fillings.

My solution?  Make a peanut butter and chocolate “mooncake.”  This is a perfect way to have the beauty of a mooncake, but with an American twist!

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