both walls in dining

My dining room has gone through several transformations over the years.  Figuring out how to add wall art affordably is always a fun challenge.

The art in my dining room is actually the back covers from Cooks Illustrated magazine!  I had received a few issues in the mail for free and saved them because they were so neat.  Then I found out that my mom is subscribed to the magazine, and she generously allowed me to steal the back cover off of her issues! Read More →



I get such a thrill out of creating something functional that is also decorative.  Today I want to share an easy way to create a Christmas card display that uses what you already have!

There are a lot of Christmas card display ideas that involve shutters, wire, clips, etc… they are really cute, but in my house, I don’t have extra wall or floor space to put up a display like that.

I’ll show you how I cover a picture that is already on my wall and turn it into a place for Christmas cards. Read More →