Make a DIY bath bomb kit. A great gift for kids and adults alike!

Today’s creative gift is a fun one for kids and adults.  There is a reason that making your own bath bombs is so popular!  It is fun to do.  In my opinion, it is actually more fun to make them than to use them!  I am guessing I am not the only one that loves feeling like a scientist!

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Creative DIY Gifts - Hot Chocolate Kit.

I have two versions of today’s creative DIY gift.  I have one that is simplified down to the basics but is still a lot of fun.  The second version is a little more substantial.

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DIY Road Tape Gift. A great gift for boys! Before3pm.comDIY Road Tape Gift. A great gift for boys!

I am going to be sharing some creative DIY gifts that are guaranteed to be a big hit!

Today’s post is for creating a DIY Road Tape Kit – perfect for anyone on your gift list who loves playing with cars and trucks.

DIY Road Tape Gift. A great gift for boys!

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