Like a lot of people, my decorations for the holidays consist of hand-me-downs from my parents, gifts from friends, clearance purchases, and a few DIY projects.   I really love looking at beautiful inspirational decorations for the holidays – whether it be in a magazine, Pinterest, a friend’s home, etc…

However, when you are dealing with a mod-podge of decorations, it can be hard to get that perfectly curated look, and for a while, that was a bit of a disappointment to me.

However, as I was putting out my Thanksgiving decorations, I was realizing that my favorite decorations are the pictures and stuff my kids did.   Thinking about that made me recognize that the real reason I decorate my house is to create a tradition that makes our family feel united.


Every year while my children were in preschool, the teachers took a photo of them during their fall pumpkin patch.  This is hands-down my favorite Thanksgiving decoration.  For a long while I didn’t know what to do with them, and they just stayed in the bottom of my decoration box.  Once I decided to embrace the “real life” aspect of decorating (and not the impersonal, magazine-perfect version), I have gotten so much more enjoyment out of decorating.

closeup mantel

I mean, how can you not get a chuckle out of these pictures!!!!


Another of my favorite decorations is this paper wreath.  It is a grapevine wreath from the dollar store, covered in kraft paper and then covered in leaves.  I freehand cut out leaves, creased them to look more realistic, and used scotch tape to tape them on!  Talk about cheap – and yet I love it!  I did throw in some different colored paper leaves to add a little interest to it so that it wasn’t all one color.

Again, this is real life, so the house phone is a part of this, too!Wreath

The library is decorated with spray-painted gourds.


Another thing that I used to just store away, but now I have embraced, is the homemade placemats.  My kids love seeing their artwork from when they were “little.”

dining table

Finally, here is a closeup of the dining room buffet.  This is the same chalkboard easel that is always there, and I love how easy it is to just write something new for each holiday.    dining buffet

I really love Thanksgiving.  It is a holiday that is all about counting your blessings, being grateful, and enjoying time with family.  What’s not to love?

2 Thoughts on “Thanksgiving Decorations

  1. Heather Parker on November 17, 2015 at 10:46 pm said:

    I absolutely love this!! The way you put everything together looks fabulous and the boys touch on everything is awesome!
    Your wreath looks much more expensive than what you put into it – great job and great read!!

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